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    From the maker of Checkbook Genius! Stadium Score is your own personal scoreboard system, with scoreboard-styled numerals, designed for Android tablet devices. Liven up any game or indoor sport with Stadium Score!

    Stadium Score can be used for games, sports, or whatever you want. It's designed to be a score display system rather than a score pad. Users with 7" or 10" Android tablets can display scores with great, big numerals - just prop your tablet up near your game or indoor sport and you're good to go!

    Got a tablet device with HDMI output? With an HDMI cable and a digital HD television unit with an HDMI jack, you can attach your Android tablet running Stadium Score to that HD TV and make Stadium Score even bigger! Use Stadium Score this way for games at business meetings, parties, contests, and more!

    Don't have a tablet? Stadium Score can also be used with handheld Android devices, too. It can be your handy pocket scorekeeper.

    Features include:

    - Increment and decrement scores by any values you choose
    - Easy to use finger-swipe control to increase/decrease scores
    - Double-tap to correct scores, or to change scores to whatever you want
    - Distinctive scoreboard-style font for numbers
    - Scores up to 999 for a wide variety of games and sports
    - Scores for two- or three-player games
    - Quarter/period/round marker
    - Countdown timer with option to make horn sound or stay silent when time expires
    - Distinctive count-up timekeeper for soccer, including overage/stoppage time
    - Settable timer to any minute and second to correct mistakes
    - Changeable background color

    Use Stadium Score for a variety of games and sports including:

    - Ping pong
    - Volleyball
    - Soccer
    - Badminton
    - Basketball
    - Darts
    - Shuffleboard
    - Foosball
    - Quiz bowl games and other contests, especially those with three teams or competitors
    - Scrabble, Boggle and other table games
    - Billiards or pool - keep track of how many games you've won
    - Card games like Gin Rummy, Five Hundred, Spades or Uno

    The uses are endless!

    If your game has an audience, let everyone know what the score is with Stadium Score!


    TRY THE FREE DEMO TODAY! Search for "Stadium Score Demo"!

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