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    Here's just a little taste of the type of recipes you'll get:

    * Beef Steaks
    * Pork Steaks
    * Venison Steaks
    * Tuna Steaks & Salmon Steaks
    * Steak Sauces
    * Marinades
    * Video Recipes

    * Round Steak
    * Flank Steak
    * Sirloin
    * Rib Eye
    * T-Bone
    * Filet Mignon

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    We know how it is: planning and preparing dinner every night takes a lot of work. You want to make a nice meal for your family, but finding a dish that everyone can agree on sometimes seems impossible. But almost everyone loves a good steak!

    Steak comes in all shapes and sizes and is so versatile! A steak can be delicious just by itself. Or, it can serve as the perfect main ingredient for so many dishes: from fajitas to stews, and salads to sandwiches. And you can be sure this app has recipes for all of them!

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