Stop Smoking by Giovanni Lordi

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    Stop Smoking by Giovanni Lordi

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    This is a very effective way to make quitting smoking easier. With this powerful hypnotherapy program you can re-write & override all the things that make you addicted to cigarettes stored within your subconscious. Doing this it is possible to reduce the cravings, break habitual behavior & enhance your will power throughout the quitting process. Most importantly, through hypnosis, this will remain a permanent part of your mindset for the rest of your life.

    Giovanni has personally helped many hundreds of his personal clients to quit smoking using his traditional methods of hypnosis & cognitive counseling. You can experience these same results for yourself with this recorded hypnotherapy MP3 session in the privacy & comfort of your own home. Using the recording each night for 6-8 weeks, while or before you quit, you will be amazed by the level of support this simple to use program will give you.

    How it Works: By empowering your subconscious with more positive patterns towards quitting, & redefining your attitude towards cigarettes in general, you will surprised how much easier it actually is. Saying that quitting smoking is completely easy would be a lie, but with this personal program it will become significantly easier then if you try quitting 'cold turkey' or with other methods. You may also use this program with other quit smoking methods if you like as an adjunct to gums, patches, etc. but a lot of the time it is not necessary as the hypnosis is powerful enough to help you on its own.

    Suggestions & Techniques:

    * Improving your will power to get through the times when it become especially tough
    * Minimizing the physical & mental cravings through the use of post-hypnotic suggestion
    * Locking in a picture of your end result being 'smoke free' to give your mind direction
    * Direct suggestion to drink lots of water, eat healthy foods & become more active whilst quitting
    * Preparing you mentally for situations where you used to smoke habitually to say NO

    Audio Details

    Background Sounds: Binaural beats, bells, trance tones
    Trance level: 7Hz Theta to 4Hz Theta
    Subliminals: "I am smoke free easy, permanent stop smoker, I am, feel good, I do, I can, prefer being a non smoker, happy, calm, confident, respect myself, more money, better health, fit & healthy I am, I like water, cravings gone, healthy habits now, feel good, happy."

    About the Author:

    Giovanni is an experienced hypnotherapist, author & counselor. He is the author of an extensive range of self hypnosis recordings, and uses hypnosis to succesfully treat almost any kind of issue imaginable. He has personally helped many people since 2003 when he first started practicing hypnotherapy, including world champion kick-boxers, CEO's, and international rugby league stars. Giovanni has a unique method of helping people, where he primarily uses clinical hypnposis, but also integrates his experience with other forms of healing modalities.