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    Do you like to know what happened last week? Where you were? How noisy it was? How much you walked?

    If so, Storica is your ultimate documenting and recollection tool!

    It records a variety of sensors, information, and processes, as well as augments the recordings. You can examine, annotate and recall your recorded experiences through a calendar-based user interface from which you can choose various visualisations:

    1. Digital stories: Storica assembles meaningful events, defined through activities such as calls made/received, SMS, IMs, or annotations made through our widgets, and creates a digital story of your life with configurable backgrounds. You can define own locations, based on geo-information, WiFi or BT data.

    2. Maps: Storica provides tracks of your recordings. You can see what happened at each recorded location, either in abstracted icon/text form or through detailed timelines, tag clouds etc. and even enable a flyover mode.

    3. Gallery: Storica shows pictures you took during recording in a context-enriched gallery.
    NOTE: Your camera app MUST store photos on the internal SD card due to restrictions since KitKat!

    4. Graphs: If curious about the information recorded, you can view it through, e.g., timelines and word clouds.

    To each day, you can add text or audio annotations for better recollection. You can use simple widgets to annotate what is happening at any time and how you feel, both of which can also be done from your Android smartwatch! You can also share your experiences via social media.

    For tips using Storica and for more lifelogging scenarios, check out our website or follow us on Twitter at @tecvis

    Privacy and data security

    THIS SOFTWARE IS NO SPYWARE!! You ARE under full control over any data that is gathered!

    We care about your privacy so none of the data is transferred off your device and we do not use an ad-based support for Storica. All data is stored in an internal phone database and cannot be accessed by anybody else but Storica.

    Upgrade to Full version

    You can view any memories within the last 7 days for free - FOREVER!

    If you are interested in viewing your memories beyond the last 7 days, you can purchase a license key (available in the PlayStore). Purchases will enable Storica on all your devices by installing the license key on each of your devices.

    All permissions are required due to the monitoring nature of Storica. No ads are utilized. No data leaves the mobile without you explicitly uploading locally recorded values.

    The permissions as included in the manifest file:

    READ_CALENDAR: for CA sensor

    READ_CONTACTS: show contact names in IC, OC, SR sensors

    READ_PHONE_STATE: read IMEI for sensing authorization

    PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: capture outgoing phone numbers

    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: write sensor values to database

    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: for cell identifier information

    VIBRATE: use vibrator for widgets and watchdog function

    WAKE_LOCK: wake-lock for wifi scanning or permanent sensing

    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: obtain information about connected to wifi or cellular

    READ/RECEIVE_SMS: obtain received & sent SMS info

    BLUETOOTH: perform BT discovery

    BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: enable BT programmatically, if wanted by user

    BATTERY_STATS: read battery stats

    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: obtain various GPS information

    RECORD_AUDIO: record environmental noise level

    ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: allow for scanning wifi

    CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: change wifi to on, if wanted by user

    INTERNET: connectivity for weather information

    GET_TASKS/PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get list of running tasks

    ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRA_COMMANDS: control A-GPS reloading option

    GET_ACCOUNTS: set Google Drive account

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: set timer for uploads after boot

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