Storm Screen Lock




    Unlock your screen in the storm! This screen locker Storm Screen Lock allows making a quick call or sending a message about this storm, taking a picture of this storm scene and going to home screen directly. Just come to try out this storm screen locker here for free.

    In this heavy storm weather, what do you want to do? Would you call your families to stay home or send a message to your driving husband? Or maybe you want to record this moment with your camera. Now this free app Storm Screen Lock supports to unlock the screen quickly and offer different launchers here for us use in this storm.

    Totally free version
    For Android users
    Simple design and UI
    Storm scene with 4 launchers of SMS/call/camera/home
    Show us date, time and day of week
    Enable to show us full screen or with status bar
    Remind us of unlocking with sound and vibration
    Get quick access to shortcut key to fast unlock

    1. Set at first.
    2. Enable this screen locker Storm Screen Lock.
    3. Activate the screen.
    4. We can get date, time and day of week in the locked screen.
    5. There are 4 launchers for us to select in this background of storm.
    6. Drag SMS/call/camera/home icon to the storm center to unlock the screen and get quick access to these launchers.

    With this storm screen locker, you can have many choices in a storm. You can notify someone with call/SMS launcher here. You also can take a photo of this moment. In a word, with this tool, we can quickly unlock the screen and get into different launchers here.
    This free app Storm Screen Lock can save us a lot of time, battery and troublesome here to unlock the screen. If you are satisfied with this screen locker, share with your friends and give us 5 stars. Or you can email us your suggestions or problems. Thank you!