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    Stream sounds HD is the leading free stream sound app that will help you relax, study, meditate or sleep. Stream sounds HD features dozens of free high quality pro HD sound effects that beat any other app free app.

    What our users are saying about stream sounds HD:

    “I’m in college and I use stream sounds HD when I study for tests, or when I need something to help me sleep” Elaine - Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “Work leaves me stressed out and tired. When I come home I grab a beer and turn on stream sounds HD to relax” Dennis - Mill Valley, California

    “When I need a romantic ambiance, I turn on stream sounds HD” - Dave, Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Stream sounds HD include:

    -Beach Waves
    -Chirping Crickets
    -Electric Fan
    -Meditation Zen
    -Rain Shower
    -White Noise
    -Whind Chimes

    Want to stream sounds of the nature, just download stream sounds HD for free.