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    The StyleLove App assists you in optimizing and/or organizing your fashion-styles.

    After you input the contents of your dresser into the app, the app will be able to compile outfit suggestions for you.

    SYTLELOVE is especially suited for these usertypes:

    The efficient type
    You have plenty of favorite outfits and are completely satisfied with your style? The app will help you organize your styles. When you get up in the morning, the app will compile a suggestion what to wear for that day. You then can wear the outfit and flag it as worn/stained in the app so you wont be using the garments again until next laundry day.

    The experimaental type
    Your dresser is full of clothes and you still dont know what to wear? You have your own style, but want to try new styles you never thought of before, using your own clothes?
    Let the StyleLove app compile outfits for every situation. The app matches colors and uses your favorite outfits and internal styling rules.

    The expert
    You are a fashion queen/king and know your way in fashion? Use the app to share your styles with your friends or create outfits from the virtual contents of your friends dressers.

    The dressing professional
    Organize your styles, outfits and costumes. Refine your outfits with pictures and other data as date, notes and tags. As a stylist you can archive your work for future use.


    - Visual outfit representation
    - Save your garments including color, image, brandname, date of purchase, weathersuitablility, laundry info and category
    - Compile outfits as your favorites and reuse them at any time
    - Compile general stylings used by the app to automagically compile outfits
    - Organize your laundry day
    - Send the contents of your dresser to a friend via email or bluetooth and let them compile outfits for you.
    - Find outfits by categories like formal, casual...

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