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    The only precise and easy to learn symptothermal fertility tracking app on internet! Natural contraception is guaranteed when used correctly.

    Introduction videos to get you started. A wifi connection may help to run sympto more smoothly.

    sympto also includes 15 days of free personalized assistance by a natural family planning counsellor from the SymptoTherm Foundation and the option to subscribe to future months of additional counseling if you want more help. No hidden costs!

    Sympto allows you to track your fertility with the most widely used and effective natural family planning method available. This all-natural method is easy, free, scientifically proven, and can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

    Sympto calculates your fertility using the "symptothermal" method, which means your basal body temperature (on some days indicated by sympto)is combined with cervical fluid observations (plus optional internal cervical observations) in a cross-checking way to accurately determine the fertile and infertile portions of your cycle. A full user manual explains all these terms in much more detail on

    Other Features:

    *Special functions built in for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and peri-menopause.

    *"Pilot Mode" option guides you through your first cycle with instructions at every step, and can be turned off when you are ready to use sympto without it.

    *Enter past cycles as far back as January 2000.

    *Easy to use icons with detailed explanations to help you select the right option for each day.

    Note: When used correctly, the symptothermal method has been proven 99,4 Pearl Index effective in accurately predicting fertility and avoiding pregnancy for those who wish to do so. Incorrect or incomplete use may lower the effectiveness of this method.

    Visit for more information about The SymptoTherm Foundation or about the symptothermal method.

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