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    The Yoga philosophy recognizes five tattvas: Akasha, Vayu, Tejas, Apas and Prithivi.
    Depending on the sunrise, the tattvas in turn affect the Earth.

    "Tattva Time" displays the current Tattva or the tattvas of any day.

    - The sunrise is calculated for the current location automatically with high accuracy.
    - Alternatively, you can also enter the sunrise manually.
    - The calculation of the tattvas works without an internet connection. The Internet connection is only required to determine the name of the geographic location.
    - The order and timing of the tattvas are based on information in this document:
    - Because there are different opinions about the correct order of the tattvas, the tattva order can be configured by the user.

    If you believe, that the information is incorrect, feel free to contact me ( There are probably different schools of thought considering the correct tattva calculation.

    "Tattva Time Pro" has additional features:

    - Various widgets to display the current tattva
    - No advertising

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