The TeamYVR Real Estate App is a dynamic all-in-one tool for Real Estate investors, advanced Real Estate Buyers/Sellers, or First-Time Buyers/Sellers. We are in Canada but we do International Real Estate, with certifications and Teams in- and outside of the country. This is not just an App but the Start-and-finish to your relationship questions and plans.

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    Working from the Greater Vancouver area (BC, Canada) founded by Jark Krysinski - a public speaker, real estate investor of over 17 years, and REALTOR - TeamYVR is a group of Professionals such as: Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Investment Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Immigration Consultants, Inspectors, Builders, Contractors and Feng Shui specialists. But all this is nothing without learning about you! Relationships come first and we get to know the person behind the client.

    From your first Real Estate question, your first tour... to the completion of your sale/purchase - we've got you covered!

    First-Time Buyer?
    Are you ready to break the barrier and buy your first home? With this extensive tool you can set extensive search filters based on what you’re looking for, view detailed descriptions, high-quality images and book appointments to learn everything you need to know about real estate alongside professionals with over 15 years of experience at hand. Buying is a big step; get all the help you need in one place!

    Seasoned Real Estate Investor?
    With the Team YVR app, you can find new properties to add to your portfolio in no time. Using the extensive search tool, you’re able to find the next perfect opportunity and view open houses with the built-in Open House Tool. With Jark Krysinski, successful real estate investor of 15 years right by your side, you can have everything you need to know about Real Estate in one dynamic app that packs a punch!

    More features include:
    - Open to INTERNATIONAL Investors anytime.
    - 100’s of Real Estate Articles
    - Ask Us feature, that lets you record a question on your phone and send immediately!
    - New Listings & Open Houses
    - Useful Converters & News
    - Strategies on How to SELL FOR TOP DOLLAR.
    - Mortgage Calculator
    - Extensive Property Search Filters
    - Real Estate Meet-Up Groups
    - Real Estate News & Trends
    - Seminars & Workshops for Buyers/Sellers
    - Book Appointments with Professionals in the industry
    - And Much More!