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    Teeth Whitening Complete Guide

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    STOP Trying To Smile With Your Mouth Closed! Learn The TRUTH About Getting A Whiter, Brighter Smile!

    FACT: People make first impressions based on what they see.
    FACT: Those first impressions matter.

    We might like to live in a world where people don't judge books by their covers. It's a nice idea. It's also unrealistic.

    If you are like millions of people, you are reluctant to let loose with a big grin. You are not happy with your yellow or brown teeth. You worry about how people will interpret your less-than-bright smile. That is not vanity -- that is common sense.

    We all want white teeth. We all want to smile. We want to be attractive.

    This book is a guide to the world of teeth whitening. It's a new book that will answer all of those questions and many others. It covers everything from the basic structure of your teeth and why they may be discolored to popular natural techniques for cleaner, whiter teeth.

    Here is what you will discover inside...

    ★ What are the different causes of tooth discoloration?

    ★ Which products address those particular causes?

    ★ What are the limitations of different teeth whitening strategies?

    ★ What are the risks to different approaches?

    ★ What can you realistically expect from teeth whitening?

    ★ Why do some products work better than other for some people?

    When you have the answers to those questions, you can find the right path to YOUR whiter, brighter, brilliant smile.

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