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    If you can not listen to concerns and questions to be resolved in the other - whole! Q & A app - all anonymous
    To the fact that it can not be said to suffer from the fact that people were anxious suddenly in daily life,
    You can feel free to consult with questions at any time, "Tell me!"
    Other, forbidden to question anyone questions or answers have been anxious interesting rare gathering,
    Many! "Tell me," has gathered a lot of different people.
    It is fun to watch! App anonymous bulletin board message format questions find an answer soon to hear soon,
    Why not come to play once?

    "I feel happiest when you what? (Women 30-39)"
    "Is not the way I do not feel sleepy at the time of the vigil? (Teenage boys)"
    "When two people go out for a drink there is a good meeting, on the day the hotel (women 20-29) ..."
    "Even though I have been cohabiting with her (male 20s) ..."
    "What Is Enough proclivity for me? (Women 20-29)"
    "I think I established friendship between men and women? (Teenage boys)"
    "Please tell me that heartbreak song cry! (Women 20-29)"

    Of course the question of gender Nayamigoto anxious, difficult to ask people questions and casual living,
    What is it precisely because someone who does not know the face, there are many unexpected.
    ! "Teach" the app completely anonymous bulletin board type questions.
    Answer questions and concerns of many people, many of whom have been attracting a lot for it.

    The many questions that discussion of the respondents are glowing!
    Some people have no worries or questions, it is just a lot on what you enjoy reading!
    Such as when you are in the toilet and take a breather travel time on the train,
    Just look at some free time, you may become surprisingly good stimulus?

    If you have anything you would like to listen to, ♪ Please feel free to ask
    Likely to be the answer to the question, ♪ Please give us answers
    Answer a lot of questions and will receive a lot of trouble, "Tell me!"
    Once, please come and visit us ☆

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