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    Call Blocker, Text Blocker, SMS Blocker, Drunk Text Blocker, Dr.Blocker can do it all.

    Dr.Blocker is the most innovative call blocker , sms blocker and text blocker on the android Google Play Market.
    Not only can you select contacts to ban permanently, like all the other sms blocker and text blockers, but you can also block contacts for a specified amount of time. Once the banning time expires you will receive the sms and texts that the blocked person sent. Dr.Blocker also acts like the perfect drunk text blocker. If your friends start drunk texting you, you can ban them for a few hours until they sober up! Watch the tutorial video for more information about the app!

    The best drunk text blocker app on the market. Plus you can do so much more!

    The Best Call and Text Blocker on Google play! Not only can you block phone numbers permanently. You can also ban numbers for a specific amount of time. The easy to use interface allows you to quickly ban contacts. All you have to do is down vote any number on you contact list 6 times and then chose if you want to permanently ban them or only for a certain amount of time.

    This app was inspired by Mr.Number, WhatsApp, Reddit and Call Blocker.

    Experience the first Social Texting App on Android! Dr.Blocker allows you to up vote and down vote people on your contact list. If you down vote someone enough, you have the option to stop receiving texts from them for a certain amount of time, once the time expires, the texts sent during that time period will show up.

    If you up vote someone enough they will appear in your Favorite list, so you can quickly text/sms or call them.

    You can nnow block spam text and spam sms easily at not cost for however long you want!

    Don't you hate when you have that annoying friend that keeps texting you? Now you can do something about. Simply launch Dr.Blocker, and down vote your friend and you can pick how long you want to block his SMS! Inspired by Reddit and Whatsapp.

    This is not Dr.Driving, it is Dr.Blocker! Unlike Dr.Driving, this app is not a game, rather a sms blocker, drunk text blocker and call blocker app.

    In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are integrating a search tool to our application. This will add a few access points to your device (hence the permissions) to direct you to the web search service. Please consider using the search to help us keep creating apps. You may delete the search icon, bookmark and homepage easily. Thank you

    Dr.Blocker is perfect for when you have friends drunk texting you at 4 AM in the morning and just want to sleep because you have work the next morning. It's also perfect to keep track of which of your friends annoy you or make laugh, because you can put them in the Banned list if they are annoying or Favorite list if they are funny.

    Dr.Blocker is perfect for removing Spam numbers easily and effectively. All you have to do is hit the Ban button, and that number will be permanently banned.

    Dr.Blocker has the best features of Mr.Number and Call Control - Call Blocker, plus it has a ton of other features. You can permanently ban someone with the ban button, you can up vote and down vote your friends. You can ban people on your contact list for a specific amount of time, or you can up vote someone so they are in your favorite list.

    This is a fully functional Call Blocker.

    Dr.Blocker has been called the combination of WhatsApp, Reddit and Mr.Number.

    - Block calls and texts from one person for a specified amount of time
    - Stop telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time
    -Add you favorite contacts to your favorite list for easy access
    -The perfect drunk text blocker. Stop your annoying friends from drunk texting you at 4 AM in the morning by blocking them for a specified amount of time
    -Use upvotes and downvotes, just like Reddit, so you know who sends you annoying texts and who you like texting using the vote count

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