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    *** We are aware of the "Can not connect to server" issue with the app and after intensive investigation, have realized it only occurs with entries with no photos. It is also, unfortunately, not fixable. As a result we are making this version of the app free, until we can compete its rebuild, from scratch. Our sincerest apologies and please stay tuned for a new Beer Expert app, coming soon.***

    Identify every beer you come in contact with, anywhere. Speak the beer name, type it in, or scan a Bar Code. Access over 300,000 beers, and counting!

    ** If this update causes you to keep losing connection with RateBeer, please Uninstall it and Reinstall it from the market, you will not be charged again **

    2/28/13 - Bug fixed; "Lost connection with Ratebeer, please check your internet connection and try again," issue should not be a problem any longer.

    7/3/2011 - v1.22 - Facebook Fix for all clients, Facebook should now be fully operational!

    6/24/2011 - v1.21 - Quick fix for Force Closes on beers with null Style Ratings. Sorry about that!! This will fix it.

    6/24/2011 - v1.20 - Finally, another update! Sorry, we've been working hard on the iPhone version, which is almost ready for release! We've added 5-star ratings, a 1-100 Beer Style rating, some interface improvements, and an experimental Twitter share function! Enjoy!


    Is the beer lover in your life tired of swimming through a sea of beer apps, just to get the results he or she needs, on the spot? Well, they can stop drowning in their vat of beer apps, The Beer Expert App is now available.

    Unlike any other beer-information app on the market, The Beer Expert draws from a database of hundreds of thousands of beers – almost every beer on the planet.

    For either regular beer lovers, or true beer aficionados, the inability to recognize the beer that’s in front of you, now, is extremely frustrating. But imagine being able to walk into any package store, grocery, brewpub, or bar, having a look at the beer selection before you and immediately having access to every beer’s vital information.

    this app provides that exact information and more. With a burgeoning and ever-growing beer market, and other folks producing beer apps, we had to create ours to be bigger, better, more robust and simply more useful than any other available. And this app will be attractive to anyone who enjoys beer, not only the "beer geeks".

    By either taking a picture of the beer’s upc code, typing in its name, or speaking it into your phone, The Beer Expert will immediately provide the user with the beer’s commercial description, a.b.v., style and several user reviews, along with a picture.

    And once the user has sampled the beer, if they disagree with one of the provided reviews, they can give it a “thumbs down". Likewise, they can give great reviews a “thumbs up.”

    The secret to The Beer Expert’s comprehensiveness is it bringing together two of the beer world’s greatest forces;
    The Beer Sommelier® and, which is arguably the largest beer database in the world. This combination allows for simply the most comprehensive, accurate and complete listing of beers available in the world…over 300,000 beers at the app’s disposal.

    ** Please keep in mind that this app is meant for educational/informational purposes ONLY. It's meant to tell you about the beer in front of you now, that you may purchase, but know nothing about. It does NOT have the functionality for note taking...this is NOT a beer rating app.**


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