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    Published: 2015-07-10, by .

    A cooking companion app with grill marks.

    • Lots of information
    • Handy notifications
    • Good reusability
    • Needs more temp info
    • Change grid line on cooking chart
    • Two pit probes?

    "Boost Your BBQ Skills"


    The Pit Pal BBQ App for Android puts the power of the barbeque in the palm of your hand. Who doesn't love to stand at the grill on a hot summer day and cook some delicious food? Let the Pit Pal BBQ app be your guide.


    Looking for some bbq tools? This app has them in spades. There's a lot of information on tap here. Set notifications to remind you when certain steps arise. Being able to rate and track cooks for future increases reusability.


    More information could be provided with the temperature. Is it the goal temp, ambient temp, or current temp? It would also be nice to be able to run two pit probes at a time. Setting a horizontal goal line on the cooking chart would be more visually effective.

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    by William

    Jul 10, 2015


    The Pit Pal is an all-inclusive BBQ app for your Android mobile device. It was built with the end goal of being able to help produce more consistent BBQ for backyard cooks, competitors, as well as caterers and restaurateurs.

    The Pit Pal enables more consistent BBQ through the use of historical tracking of cooks and results taking into account common BBQ variables such as the temperature and duration of the cook, or the sauce/rub combination, or even the type of wood used or the weather at the time of the cook. Tracking these variables allows the pit master to look back at previous cooks and continue to cook and tweak variables until the perfect combination is hit. And then have the data to replicate that combination at any time.

    This is a technique that teams on the BBQ competition circuit have been using for years only with a pen & paper or excel spreadsheets. The intent of The Pit Pal is to take this technique, leverage technology to improve on it, and help people with a passion for BBQ produce great food.

    Features include:
    * Easy to use interface for entering your cook and food details.
    * Quick notes for one-click entry of common events such as mopping, adding coal, adding wood, saucing, foiling, etc.
    * Ability to track history for multiple foods during a cook.
    * Add temperatures for your cook and track via easy to read charts and graphs.
    * Easily export your cooks to Word, Excel, XML, or Text files for sharing, backup, or offline viewing.
    * Cook & food notifications for time & temperature.
    * Ability to add detailed notes to your cook stored in a cook archive.
    * Rate your cooks so you can track the outcome for future reference.
    * Take pictures of your end product direct from The Pit Pal which automatically store in cook archive.

    *** Direct integration with the BBQ Guru CyberQ WIFI and STOKER WIFI ***

    * View your smoker and food temperatures real time direct from you Android device.
    * Track and graph your temperatures to see exactly what is happening on your cook.
    * Direct access to the guru and stoker web console.
    * Temperature notifications utilizing the internal device notification manager.

    * FREE Backyard Edition – This is the baseline version. Does not include photos, charting, data export and other pro features. Max cook history of 5. Has a couple non-intrusive ads.

    * FREE Competitor Edition – This is the promo version released to Brethren and BBQ Guru and Stoker BBQ customers prior to the official release. It includes all functionality (including photos, charting, etc) up to this release. Max cook history of 5. Has small non-intrusive ads. Will have access to some future enhancements with the ability to upgrade as needed.

    * PAID Competitor Edition – This is the full blown version with all functionality, unlimited cook history, no advertising, and access to all future enhancements. It also helps support further development of The Pit Pal and funds future enhancements. We think the price is extremely reasonable considering it probably costs more to buy a pen & paper these days :)

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    Users comments for The Pit Pal BBQ App

    L J Donelson

    by L J Donelson

    Nov 17, 2017  |  "OK"

    Great potential, read probes well, but work flow to use for recording data is restrictive and difficult. Really would like to use full features since I paid for this app but the interface and steps to success are poor and documentation is virtually non existent. Developer has not responded to emails and app is now free, no future?

    Adam Chamberlain

    by Adam Chamberlain

    Nov 03, 2017  |  "Poor"

    No updates in over a year

    Kurt Polak

    by Kurt Polak

    Nov 02, 2017  |  "OK"

    Issues with Stoker II. It connects they the wi-fi, but won't show the probe temps. I can access the html page thru the app, and make changes to temps, and alarms, otherwise the app is useless. Without the temp probes showing up on the app, it just records the time of the cook.

    Phil Anderson

    by Phil Anderson

    Sep 06, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Serious the only option for long cooks.

    Enrique Latoison

    by Enrique Latoison

    Aug 05, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Awesome, especially saving all your cook info

    Jeff Schultz

    by Jeff Schultz

    Jul 09, 2017  |  "Great"

    Love the app but will this ever support setting the temp for the stoker?