The Wedding Guide

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    "The Wedding Guide" is the ultimate app for everyone who is planning to get married in the near future. The app is filled with tons of useful information, great advice and suggestions, as well as a few excellent features to help better plan and organise your big day.

    On the app you will find a huge number of interesting and educational wedding tips and suggestions including topics such as ...

    ** Wedding Cakes
    ** Wedding Dresses
    ** Wedding Flowers
    ** Wedding Diets
    ** Wedding Speeches
    ** Wedding Videos

    .. and loads of other useful advice for planning your own wedding.

    There is a "Wedding Advice" section of the app, and in this part you will find a range of useful advice including ...

    ** Keep your emotions in check
    ** Post Wedding festivity ideas
    ** Wedding Negotiations
    ** Don't forget it's YOUR Wedding day

    ... and many other pieces of excellent advice from people who have gone through it all before and can offer you advice based on their experiences.

    There is a packed video section on the app featuring a number of interesting video clips about weddings including videos on ....

    ** Wedding Tips and Advice
    ** Money Saving Wedding Tips
    ** Wedding Decor issues
    ** Budget Wedding Tips

    ... and many other interesting and enjoyable videos.

    The app also has a feature called "My Notes" which is your own wedding notebook, where you can add notes and ideas about your big day. What better place to keep these notes than in this fantastic app - you will have everything you need at your fingertips and all in one place.

    There is also a fantastic Calendar in the app which you can use to better organise the buildup to your big day. You can add various notes and dates into the calendar, and help better organise your wedding planning.

    In the app you will also find an SMS function, where you can directly SMS your family and friends any updates and news regarding your wedding.

    The app is packed full of great advice and useful features and is the ideal companion for the loving couple who are planning their wedding together.

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