Thinking Slim - Giovanni Lordi

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    Thinking Slim - Giovanni Lordi

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    Gives you the optimal mindset to easily & automatically do everything right when it comes to losing weight.

    This hypnosis session will give you the right mindset, with equal parts motivation, discipline & drive, to keep you on track with your weight loss goals. It uses the power of direct suggestion to promote a more healthy lifestyle necessary for losing weight like eating less, exercising more, choosing healthy food, drinking lots of water & bringing your mind & body into balance. Through hypnotherapy directed at your subconscious mind, this will all eventually become and easy & automatic part of your daily choices, ultimately helping you change your lifestyle for the better permanently. For this reason, this program is not like other diets which usually only work short-term, as it will change your life from the 'ground up' to easily lose your weight and keep it off for good.

    Suggestions & Techniques:

    * Always choose healthy foods
    * Eat less and feel full quicker
    * Exercise more regularly
    * Balance your mind & body
    * Drink lots of water
    * Improve your confidence, motivation & will power

    Audio Details

    Background Sounds: Binaural beats, bells, trance tones, rainforest sounds, birds
    Trance level: 7Hz Theta to 5Hz Theta
    Subliminals: "Drink lots of water, eat at meal times only, eat a balanced diet, enjoy fruits, vegetables, less carbs more protein, I cut out sweets, biscuits & cakes, exercise my body regularly, metabolism speeds up, committed to being healthy, fit & lean, more self respect, more confidence, I am reaching my ideal weight, slim lean, small amounts of food makes me full for longer, I can, I will, I do it."

    About the Author:

    Giovanni is an experienced hypnotherapist, author & counselor. He is the author of an extensive range of self hypnosis recordings, and uses hypnosis to succesfully treat almost any kind of issue imaginable. He has personally helped many people since 2003 when he first started practicing hypnotherapy, including world champion kick-boxers, CEO's, and international rugby league stars. Giovanni has a unique method of helping people, where he primarily uses clinical hypnposis, but also integrates his experience with other forms of healing modalities.