Thoughtful is an answer to how forgetful we all are at times when dealing with our significant others. This is usually a guy problem, and Thoughtful is probably geared more toward us than the ladies, but it can be an issue for everyone.

    Thoughtful will help you remember everything from eye color to her (or his) favorite sports teams, her birthday to her favorite beverage or food. It will even help you remember her (or his) shoe, shirt or dress sizes. Talk about something we can all use. This is it!

    There will also be periodic reminders pushed out to users giving some specific advice on remaining as Thoughtful as possible. These will usually come out on Thoughtful Thursdays, but could be at other times when special occasions, such as Valentines Day, Christmas, etc occur.

    All data is stored locally on the device, so you can rest assured that whatever you put in Thoughtful will be safe in your care.

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