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    WARNING: This app uses the Device Administrator permission

    Speaks the time every time you get your lock screen password wrong on Android.

    This software actually improves my sleep. If, while sleeping (or almost waking up)
    I open my eyes, than I can't get back to sleep. So I learned how to wake up without
    opening my eyes. Apparently this is not hard, as I know other people who can do
    it as well.

    So I wake up and, with my eyes closed, grab my phone (which must within the reach of my arm).
    Afterwards I turn the screen on, which is easy because it is a hardware button.
    Then I just hover my finger randomly at the screen, which should now be the lock screen.

    Of course my password will be mistyped and that is when this software will just speak
    out loud what time it is.

    This way I know if I must wake up or if I can sleep for some more minutes without
    having to open my eyes !

    Technical Notes:

    Warning: This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

    For this software to work you must set it as a device administrator.
    That means you must unset it if you plan to uninstall it.
    That is an Android idiosyncrasy in which I have nothing to do with.
    Go to Settings / Security / Device Administrators to set or unset it.

    Also, on Android, if the unlock pattern is too small, Android won't
    send a signal to my app.


    Sweet Dreams !

    This is Free Software:

    By marcos AT unitron DOT com DOT br

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