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    Still don¡¯t know how much to tipping? Let this app help you with this. You will get the amount for tipping by using this calculator.

    How to calculate the amount of tip though this app?
    - Fill in the amount of Bill and Tax, and you will see the tip amount
    - Adjust the tip percentage and split to calculate the tip amount more exactly.

    Tipping calculate
    You must have known how to use this calculator by the above steps. Come on and have a try!
    This app also supports the function of Round, it has three parts, total, exact and tip.

    Press the menu button of the cell phone and click to open the settings of this app.

    Basic settings
    Include Tax in Tip, checked the box means that the tax will be used with the bill to calculate the tip. Or you can choose to calculate the bill only, just unchecked this option here.
    Rounding settings, select the way you want to values to be rounded. Three choices are provides, always round up, round normal and always round down. Choose your way!
    Default tip percentage, it is very boring to set the tip percentage in the calculate interface of this app. You can pick a default tip percentage from here for all the bills. The tip percentage range is from 5% lowest to 50% highest. Then the calculator will calculate the tip according to this new tip percentage.
    Currency symbol, more than five kinds of currency symbols are provided here, including USD, GBP and EUR and so on. Which one is yours?
    Decimal separator, select the decimal separator to display.
    Button theme, choose the color for the buttons in this app, green, yellow or blue? Just use your favorite color!

    Advanced settings
    Enable Haptic Feedback, checked the box to enable this function and then the cell phone will vibrate when you are pressing soft keys and on certain UI interactions.
    Export Preferences, click to export this application¡¯s preferences to SD card.
    Import Preferences, it is used to import application preferences from SD card. The preferences screens will reload once the import has completed.

    With this app, you won¡¯t bothered by tipping. Please give this app 5 stars if you like it. Thank you!

    This app is free and ad supported.
    Some icon ads or notification ads might exist in this app.

    A tip is a sum of money customarily that tendered to certain service sector workers for a service performed or anticipated. Tipping and the amount of tip are a matter of social custom and the practice and social norms vary between countries and settings.