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    This free application can offer you a reminder to remind you of your to-do things. You can get access to a list of your shopping things, your working schedule or your daily trifles for free with your Android devices. You will get a lot of help from this simple notebook tool.

    You can get access to 4 buttons here to manage your daily life. What you need is just take a note, view notes and to do according to your to-do list. If you want to get some more preferences, you can make it as your habit. Now let’s write something to fill in the list.

    In new note, you can write all things you need to do, such as a shopping list on weekend, working schedule and notes you catch in your mind sometimes. You can give your list a title, too. Try to write as detailed as you can. Once you’ve finished your notes, you can pres the menu key to save it or cancel as you wish. You can record all things you want to get a reminder with this notebook.

    You can view all your lists in view notes part, which you can see a list of what you have recorded. If you want to know more detailed information about your lists, you can press one list you want to know for a while and you can get access to three operations. You can edit the name for your list, delete this list id you don’t need it anymore. Also you can set more preferences, such as you can you can get detailed information about name, type, creation date and modification date. If you want to change the content of this note, you can just press the list and edit them again as you wish.

    As for more preferences with this application, you can sort mode and direction. You can specify the sort mode of notes and categories by name, modification date and creation date. You could also sort direction by ascending and descending.

    There are setting button, menu button and supply button, about button waiting for you at the bottom of this application. You can get a better user experience from these buttons. You can prolong the screen time and get more free applications in our group.

    Download this free application To do Note here for free! Have fun! You can give us 5 stars if you like this free application in supply button and you can also share this free application with your friends. If you have a feature request, let me know and I am easily contactable via email. Please don't just give me a 1 star rating and go away.

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