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    Track your To-Dos

    This is an amazing app. I myself tried a lot of Tasks-Tracking apps. In most of them I found a major problem - Complex Architecture. Hence, I came up with this app which is very very simple to understand, use and track your tasks by either setting notification or alarm to it. To remember stuffs you can add Notes/Checklist to your Tasks. You can also Edit the Name/DueDate/Urgency of any task. To add to these, there are several cosmetic and non-cosmetic features in this app like, you can set any job as done before its notification/alarm goes and it marks the task as done and cancels any notification/alarm, tasks marked done can be marked undone (undone tasks must be dated today or later), tasks dated before today are all marked done, alarm/notification cannot be set for done jobs (you have to first mark it as undone), if a notification or alarm goes while you are using the app, you don't have to select the notification but rather the notification is handled automatically, and many more.. I have listed the major functionality of the app below:

    -- Set Notifications to your due jobs
    -- Set Alarms to your due jobs
    -- Cancel Alarms/Notifications
    -- Maintain Notes/Checklist of jobs
    -- Edit/Delete Jobs
    -- Set/unset jobs as done
    -- Search/filter jobs
    -- Clear done jobs

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