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    Ray,CanCam,JJ,etc... familiar
    Readers Models are now fashionable watches!

    Looks cute and would be helpful in various situations
    Off shot magazine also valuable advice on the reader model we observed.
    For applications that are as impressive photo.

    Photo photo switches every 10 seconds.

    Model Profile ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ reader
    Name: Maiko Yagi
    Date of birth: July 12, 1986
    Blood type: A type
    Horoscope: Cancer
    Birthplace: Aichi
    Occupation: Student
    Height: 158 cm
    Hobbies: Shopping, Internet, Travel
    Feats: You can blink quite rapidly
    Favorite brand: Rich
    Future dream: to become a mother
    Best feature: Moles
    My boom: milk concentrated particularly Candy
    Fashionable obsession: to incorporate a single strong personality items
    Celebrities like dating: Yamashita Tomohisa
    Ray exclusive reader model
    Name: Aya Kawamoto
    Date of Birth: January 30, 1988
    Blood type: A type
    Constellations: Aquarius
    Birthplace: Saitama
    Occupation: Student
    Height: 166 cm
    Hobbies: cheering AKB48
    Special skill: Baton Twirling brisk walking
    Favorite brand: the closet · DazzliN '
    Charm Point: Ears
    My boom: AKB48
    Fashionable obsession: Exposure of the skin condition of the body
    Celebrities like dating: Toru Nakamura
    Ray exclusive reader model
    Name: Misato Tsuji
    Date of birth: May 13, 1987
    Blood type: B-
    Horoscope: Taurus
    Hometown: Tokyo
    Occupation: Student
    Height: 165 cm
    Hobbies: writing a blog reader
    Special skill: to cause surprise
    Favorite brand: Honey mi Honey · charlotteronson · Cherry Ann
    Future dream: husband and wife become like their parents, ♪ families that get along
    Best feature: Iris
    My boom: bad-recorded a stretch to see a variety show
    Fashionable obsession: I have to be coordinated mix aigre-douce
    Celebrities like dating: Kotaro Koizumi
    CanCam, JJ
    Name: Amelie Hamura
    Date of birth: July 20, 1989
    Blood type: B-
    Horoscope: Cancer
    Hometown: Toyama
    Occupation: Student
    Height: 164 cm
    Hobbies: watching anime belly dancing Cafe Tour
    Special skill: Piano Badminton
    Favorite brand: axes · spice · LD prime
    Dreams for the future: an interpreter
    Best feature: Bangs Pattsun
    My boom: one lunch
    Fashionable obsession: to design a little unusual to access and hats, and personality to give
    Celebrities like dating: Wentz Eiji
    Uniqlo UT Models
    Name: Ayumi Yasuoka
    Date of birth: April 24, 1988
    Blood type: A type
    Horoscope: Taurus
    Birthplace: Saitama
    Occupation: Model and Designer Accessories
    Height: 156 cm
    Hobbies: Update blog chatter self-produced
    Special skill: Calligraphy swimming entering the goo in the mouth
    Future dream: ♪ in the end to a life without regret
    Best feature: the lips
    My boom: Blog Updates
    Fashionable obsession: ☆ My favorite thing to wear their favorite clothes
    Celebrities like dating: The EXILE TAKAHIRO's
    Kawa S, ViVi, Steady
    Name: Noriko Otsuki
    Date of birth: October 08, 1987
    Blood type: A type
    Sign: Libra
    Hometown: Tokyo
    Occupation: Student
    Height: 161 cm
    Hobbies: Watching movies Tennis Tour Food Cafe
    Special Skill: linking people with people wearing yukata decorated with small
    Favorite brand: snidel · charlotte ronson · JILLSTUART · MERCURYDUO
    Future dream: I like 十和子 Kimishima, maintain a sense of beauty will be both work and family
    Best feature: small hands more than others
    My boom: collecting Araka Yamano Beauty Bare Skin skin Stone Victorias Secret ·
    Fashionable obsession: his style while incorporating cutting-edge fashion disturb
    Celebrities like dating: Tamaki Hiroshi's Junpei's groove edge
    CanCam, JJ

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