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    Air Travel Rules: Traveling With Electronics

    There are scores of people around the world who make use of air travel for travelling long distances. All types and all kinds of people travel by air. Air travel is the most common and famous mode of transport. There are certain factors to consider when travelling by air. In this age, perhaps there is no individual who does not carry any kind of electronics. One has to be aware about the violations when carrying electronics.

    This app guides you when you are travelling by air with electronics.

    Contents of this app:

    ** Checking with airline/airport.

    ** Carrying electronics during flight.

    ** Storing electronics.

    Travel bug can affect anyone irrespective to the person it targets. It is everyone's wish to travel in a deluxe manner. If you are travelling with electronics, you should consider few factors. Apart from conventional planning about the budget, places to visit etc., you should also be a good organiser when travelling by air with electronics.

    This app helps you with few factors to consider when travelling by air with electronics.

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