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    Published: 2014-01-16, by Manu Galvez.

    Tried & Liked is a Q&A forum-like social network

    • Good app concept
    • A good deal of discussions already started
    • Ease of use
    • Design
    • Responsiveness
    • Social features

    "The knowledge of the commons"

    In Tried & Liked you can share what you know and ask for those things you'd love to know.

    Triffle? There's not such a thing. Your opinion always counts to your friends or random users. You can be sure there's someone around the world wondering how using a product is or how to solve an issue. You can have the answer they need, or they can have the one you need.

    Tried & Liked is all about sharing knowledge: telling, asking or seeing others' discussions. An excellent way to know more about stuff without spending hours searching for it. Tried & Liked just put in touch the parts.

    Although the app's concept is powerful, Tried & Liked should be enhanced in some ways. For example, it should add a new social layer (following people, karma points, discussions bookmarking) and give a interface revamping to make the app run smoothly.

    Regardless, a good idea if you want to share your knowledge and learn from others'.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jan 16, 2014


    "Tried & Liked is the most compelling and habit forming mobile app I have seen for personal recommendations, hands down" - Kevin Fawley, President of DC Social Media Club.

    -Your opinion counts, and matters to your friends
    -Your friends’ opinions count, and matter to you.
    -Tried & Liked™ is “Word of mouth…at your fingertips”™ - a mobile platform that lets you store and reference trusted product recommendations

    Your social life is in good hands, but now you can share and quickly reference your consumer life – publicly or privately.

    TELL: If you highly recommend something you found, tried, & liked, TELL others easily from your smartphone. Spark your own trend. Or, if you try & like something recommended by someone, acknowledge and thank them for the tip.

    SEE: Scan the app to SEE which products/services your trusted micro network is recommending to you. Check your Tried & Liked™ app or log-in online before you make a big purchase or commit to that contractor.

    WANT: Tag & quickly reference something recommended to you. You can even share WANTS with a smaller group in case someone needs gift ideas to hook you up. Your eyes drawn to something you WANT while on the go? Save that thought & reference it when you're ready to buy.

    ASK: Don’t waste time or money. Before you buy or sign up, quickly ASK those you trust. “I'm thinking about buying a DSLR camera – you guys have one you like?”...“Anyone know of educational & safe toys that would make good Christmas gifts for 3-yr olds?”...”I need a new dentist, any suggestions?”...endless possibilities for things that matter to you every day.

    So, start tapping into your pockets of influence, and get instant access to “Word of your Fingertips(SM)”.

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