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    Tuesto Timer is a fun tool for grilling great steaks. Tuesto Timer shows you an individual timer on each steak to keep you informed on your grilling. In addition to time on the grill there is also an individual timer for each steak on a resting plate.

    Tuesto Timer is easy to use. A tap on the Tuesto Timer virtual grill will create you a new virtual steak. To delete your steak simply drag it out from either side of the screen. When your grilling is done, simply drag your steak onto the resting plate on the bottom of the screen and a new timer will automatically start for your steak.

    Tuesto Timer will not force you to pre-program your cooking or second guess when your steak will be done. Put your real steaks on your real grill, then tap on Tuesto Timer virtual grill to start the steak timers. You're free to move the steaks in Tuesto Timer so they nicely match your real grill.

    You are in total control of your cooking, Tuesto Timer will simply tell the time when you need to know.

    Tuesto timer is optimal to use with moderate cooking time. If you expect your cooking time to be 5-25 minutes, you should find Tuesto Timer very useful. Tuesto Timer can keep track of time up to hours, but after 12 hours timers will be reset and your virtual steaks will disappear automatically. Tuesto Timer virtual grill keeps itself clean!

    Please use multitasking while running Tuesto Timer and doing other stuff with your Android device. If you exit or close Tuesto Timer application your virtual steaks will be cleaned away.

    Tuesto Timer Free is a promotional version of original Tuesto Timer that can work with up to 10 steaks.

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