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    Note: the ability to turn your data connection on and off according to the schedules that you create with this app no longer works on Lollipop onwards. This is because Google has removed the ability of an app to control the data connection. It does not matter if your device is rooted. The ability is simply not there in Android any more so complain to Google rather than leaving a one-star review because it doesn't do it when I never claim it does.

    Turn Me On will manage your Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth status, brightness, screen time-out and volume settings as well as automatically reply to incoming messages.

    You simply set up two or more schedules, one for the default settings you'd like most of the time, and one or more for events in your life (meetings, appointments etc) or certain periods of the day.

    Schedules can repeat on specific days of the week at certain times or (optionally) expire when set for a specific date/range (between specific times).

    For example, you can set up a schedule for 10:30PM to 7:00AM to dim the screen brightness, mute the sound, and disable Wi-Fi & Data, for every day of the week. The schedule will never expire.

    Each schedule has two profiles relating to it. A Screen-On profile and a Screen-Off profile.

    A profile specifies what the brightness (in Screen-On only), ringer, and volume settings should be, and whether Wi-Fi and/or mobile data should be turned on or off. The Screen-Off profile also specifies whether you want incoming text messages to automatically be replied to, and what the message should be, though the message will be sent even if the device is turned on and you are currently using it.

    There is also a Do Not Disturb facility to quickly create a timed schedule that mutes the volume and cuts Wi-Fi and Data.

    Turn Me On won't change any settings if a schedule is not currently running. This is why you really need to set up two schedules (at the least), with one being the default schedule.

    Calendar access is required. You can add calendar entries beginning with


    to the calendar entry title, and Turn Me On will go into Do Not Disturb mode for the duration of that calendar event.

    Note: the app will check to see if your license is valid every time you start it fresh, but once it's running in the background, it doesn't need to unless you exit and re-open it, but this shouldn't be an issue because it's an app that is designed to be kept running in the background.

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