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    Anti-lost Bluetooth App to find each other

    This app. Is anti-lost bluetooth application that can detect and call each other by connecting app(uFinder) and the bluetooth device(uFinder).

    - Can detect counterparts' distance.
    They detect distance after application(uFinder) and the bluetooth transmitter(uFinder) connects
    When they apart from each other, they let the user know by alarming on app and uFinder.

    - Can find lost uFinder
    There is many ways to find uFinder when the connected uFinder disappears.
    You can press to make uFinder alarm on the app. then can find uFinder.

    If you can hear the sound of uFinder because you are in loud place, you can try signal strength function.
    You can anticipate whether the uFinder is near or far with radar function that expresses strength of electric wave .

    - You can find the place lost uFinder by map.
    If you lost uFinder and noticed long time later, try to use map viewing function.
    It indicates location where is connected or disconnected uFinder and the app.
    Go to the indicated location and find uFinder!
    (Map viewing function can reduce battery life due to use of GPS)

    - You can show your uFinder to your friend.
    Your friend can do real-time checking the status of you and your friend's uFinder by linking information.
    Try "uFinder Link" to share uFinder with your friends.

    - Appliance
    Anti-lost child
    Anti-lost pet
    Anti-lost belongings such as remote control, car key, wallet .
    Anti-lost valuables
    Distance detection of luggage in the airport

    Supporting Device based on Android OS

    Bluetooth 4.0 BLE based
    - Samsung Galaxy S4
    - Samsung Galaxy S3, Note2

    On Galaxy S3, Note2, phone alert from uFinder is not supported.

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