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    uKnowMobile enables a parent to monitor text messages, call history, contacts, review downloaded applications, pictures taken, sent, and received on the phone, and monitor location with a robust suite of family locator features called uKnowLocate.

    uKnowMobile is a companion application which connects your child's smartphone to your uKnowKids account.

    Once you create your uKnowKids account at, uKnowMobile should be installed onto the smartphone used by your child. We will walk your through a simple process of connecting the app to your online account.

    Includes must have features for every parent including:

    Ever wonder who your child is texting with so late at night? Now, you will be able to monitor text message conversations between your child and others. By logging into your online account, you will see both sides of a text message conversation, including messages that were deleted. Simply sign in to your online, uKnowKids dashboard to review.

    Did your daughter make it safely to the mall? Locate your child anytime, anywhere using his or her smartphone. You can also schedule regular check-ins and view your child’s location history at 30 minute intervals. All location details are visible on a Family Map when you sign into your uKnowKids account. In addition, you can set up create “geo-fences” and receive alerts when your child arrives and/or departs from a geo-fenced location.

    Review any pictures your child takes with their phone, as well as any images sent or received via MMS. Rest peacefully knowing your child isn't ruining their reputation by sending or receiving sexting or other inappropriate pictures.

    Has your child downloaded Snapchat? With uKnowKids, parents can review all applications that their child has downloaded on their Android mobile phone. Check to see if they have added any applications that might lead to trouble or that you might not feel are appropriate.

    ***CALLING LOG***
    Is your son talking on the phone when he should be doing his homework? See who your child called, who is calling them and for how long they talked. Quickly and easy review details and the time of day reporting by signing in to your online, uKnowKids dashboard.

    uKnowKids leverages an advanced translation engine containing over 10,000 words, phrases and abbreviations to translates non-intuitive terms in your child’s text messages and posts into concepts you can easily understand.

    Analyzing your child's numerous digital activities, uKnowKids crunches the data to find patterns and trends and translates it back to you with simple to read charts and graphs and easy to understand reports. When appropriate you will receive alerts by email or SMS.

    More than a parental control software, uKnowKids also includes revolutionary features including social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more), image, and contact monitoring, activity reports, and much more. Subscription features and cost vary.

    uKnowKids and the companion uKnowMobile app are not spyware and will not be hidden from your child. We believe in positive family communication based on trust and transparency. We encourage you to sit down with your child and have a discussion and an agreement on exactly what will be monitored. Kids that know they are being supervised tend to make safer, smarter choices and develop healthier mobile and online habits.

    If the uKnowMobile application is uninstalled from your child’s mobile phone, you will will be notified by email and naturally prompt a conversation with your child based on the "ground rules" you have established.

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