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    Dog whistle pro emit a sound at different frequencies , some of the frequencies can't be heard by human ear. Whistles can be used for any number of commands, but they are particularly handy for communicating with dogs from a distance. The steps described below will help you master the techniques necessary to train a dog to respond to a whistle.

    1. Testing the whistle - When your dog is sleeping turn the app on with the highest frequency and see if the dog reacts to the sound (you might not hear the sound). If there is no response, adjust the frequency until you find one that the dog response to.

    2. The best way to teach you dog whistle training is by using treats. Over time your dog will learn that they get their favorite snack every time you blow the whistle.

    3. Start the training by adding the whistle to commands like "Come". When you call your dog, say his name, give the verbal "Come" command and then provide a pulse with the whistle app (on-off) start with 3 sec (as long as you are consistence you can use different timing and combinations).

    4. Repeat the above steps daily. With repetition, the dog will begin to respond to the signals from the whistle without the verbal command.

    Use at your own risk.

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