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    Unoceros is currently in a very limited alpha release. Please be patient with us as we work our hardest to move beyond alpha. 

    Unoceros is an app unlike any other. We aim to redefine how you view your smart devices and how products are marketed to you. We make you directly part of the value chain, each install receives value for participation. We don't believe a fancier ad is a form of real value.

    1. Upon downloading the app and accepting the Terms of Service, your device joins our network.
    2. Our network puts your smartphone or tablet to work in between your hours of use.
    3. Coming off a fantastic holiday season, we decided to do something different. For a limited time we are directing all reward value to charity and making our compute platform free for socially beneficial projects.
    4. That's it!

    Your smartphone or tablet’s idle time has value and you can now trade that value for products that you want. Your device only ever performs work while its being charged or has greater than 75% battery life. 

    This is the alpha version and distribution is limited. Because you are amongst the first to get this app a few things may not be perfect yet. 

    Please please please - tell us first and foremost what you do not like about the app. It is always nice to hear what you like but what truly helps us improve is hearing what really chaps your hide. 

    If you are located outside of the US please be aware that the products that we are giving away are geared towards the US market and may not be available in your area. You can help us launch in your country by sending us a message of your favorite digital services that you would like to get for free :-).

    CONTACT US: Twitter @unoceros Facebook 

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    Huge thanks to all of you who download our app! We couldn't do this without you and tell your friends if you love what we are doing.

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