Virtual Lighter




    Be surprised by the best Lighter app. In this app many lighters have their own special flame. With all this various lighters you will become the center of attention at every party for sure!

    Choose the flame you like the most and hold the lighter above your head at concerts without the risk of setting your hair on fire.:-)


    High-quality graphics
    Easy to Use
    Realistic flame and sound
    Gravity of the flame
    15 lighter models with different images: bone, car, cow, eagle, red eye, heart, princess lovers, rusty weapon, women, skulls, motorcycle, lion
    5 special lighters, plastic lighter, Magic Lamp, Antique Lighter, Statue of Liberty, but lighter
    Flame Special Effects, the heart / hearts, kisses, skulls, women, stars, ghosts
    Special sound effects: fart, heart, kiss, laugh, ghosts, etc.
    Movement of the flame depending on the orientation of the device / the flame reacts with the movement of the lighter
    Extinguish the lighter’s flame with a quick movement of the mobile (lighter) to one side.
    Extinguish the flame by touching the screen.
    Blow lightly on the fire to move the flame
    Blow out the flame by strongly blowing into the microphone
    Concert mode: turn off the microphone to let it burn permanently
    Special Sound Effects

    This is a funny app to use at party, at work, at home, in a club or bar, in a theater, in school etc. So download it now, and have fun! :-)

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