Wake Up Phone!

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    Has this ever happened to you?

    You are playing a nice audio file when you decided to simply turn off your screen just to save some battery power and after a short time you audio sound quits because of some other app that messes around with your Android device awake state. :-(

    You start an important data download that is supposed to take 1/2 hour to complete. You put your Android device down and get some tea or coffee and when you return to your device you find the thing has gone completely to sleep a few seconds right before the download was to finish. :-( NOOOOOOOO!

    Well, this gem of a utility will keep that device from falling completely asleep if it supports running background services.

    With "Wake Up Phone!" your Android device will not fall completely asleep. It will be woken up when you want it awake.

    You have complete control when you want this app to give your device a "Pinch" through the settings screen. You can even run it "Nonstop" if you need to do that.