Wiseguy Pizza




    Art of Making Epic Authentic NY style Pies at Wise

    Newyorkinized Water (Special Filtering System for pure clean water)
    Thin n Golden Crispy but not cracker crust!
    Somewhat lightly Charred well done crust!
    Slightly salty foldable crust!
    Bread-like Puffy Chewy texture!
    NO Pizza Screens or Pans!
    NO Conveyor Oven!
    No More Then 3 Toppings!
    Quality of the Cheese!
    Quality of Tomatoes Sauce!
    Cheese & Tomatoes Sauce Ratio!
    Quality of the flour!
    Temperature of Dough!
    Kneading, Proofing, Fermentation Technique
    Dough must directly cook on old-school deck oven
    NO Short Cuts No Compromise
    Provide the best food but the worst customer service (only in NY)
    Take it or Leave it Attitude (Only in NY)
    Treat customers like Cattle (Only in NY)

    Our Difference!

    Heart and Soul!
    No Sugar!
    No Trans-fat!
    No MSG!
    No High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany!
    All Natural Farm Chicken!
    House Made Fresh Mozzarella!
    House Made Fresh Dough!
    High Quality Sea Salt!

    Pizza Size vs Price:

    Our Pizza Slices is 20” 314sq inches.

    Our Regular Whole Pizza Size is 18” cut in 8 large slices serves 4+ and it equals to:

    • 1.25 16" pizzas
    • 1.65 14" pizzas
    • 2.25 12" pizzas
    • 3.25 10" pizzas
    • 5 (FIVE!!) 8" pizzas

    Basically our 18” pizza 65% bigger then chains Large Pizza. When you do the size vs. price comparison we might be cheaper than the chains regular pizza prices.

    Diameter Actual area of pizza

    12” 113 square inches
    14” 154 square inches
    16” 201 square inches
    18” 254 square inches
    20” 314square inches

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