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    Words can have overlapping meanings, but different implications. In our daily lives we regularly use the power of influence and manipulation… whether it is to make the sale, select the evening movie, choose a restaurant to dine or convince your partner of the perfect holiday destination.

    Improving your vocabulary is important but the ability to reframe words quickly and convincingly gives you the edge in communications.

    It not ONLY allows you to communicate more effectively with others but gives you the potential to motivate yourself during good times and during hard times.

    The First exercise consists of redefining 1 word into different words with similar meanings. The faster you complete this the more natural it will feel in normal communications.

    The 2nd Exercise includes two opposing words. Each word must be reframed so as to be more in sync with the other word. By redefining both we convert them into more compatible meanings.

    Have fun with this exercise as it forms a basis for lateral thinking.

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