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    Are you puzzled what to do in your spare time? Are you sick and tired of watching TV programs? Are you not interested in games but you want to train your brain? This wonderful application ,in a form of a riddle , which can be easily downloaded into your android for free is suitable for you. Parents read different puzzles to all of us in our childhood and we were tortured how to solve them! Such pastime will strengthen your family and vary your leisure .
    How this application can be used?
    You should have telephone with Android system. With the help of Playstore download this application into your phone and just enjoy yourself! No 4 photos and 1 word forget about pictures and photos with which you should solve rebuses. Only easy riddles which we like since our childhood are gathered in this convenient application. For guessing a riddle you should select letters and guess the word. Having read a short text of the riddle you should give your answer. This answer must contain the definite number of letters which you will be offered . In case of right answer you will get coins which can be collected. If you hesitate in your answer and your brain needs help you can ask for prompt from your friends on social networks. Together you will solve the quiz successfully!
    Advantages of the application :
    1. Opportunity to think. It is not always easy to find out the answer you often have to strain your brain.
    2. This is a perfect game for children. For passing IQ test successfully kids should develop their intellects since their childhood. Playing riddles children can develop hidden abilities you probably may bring up future scientist. A child may find out what animals exist what noises they make and why grass is green. Moreover children have much time and energy and it would be better to direct them to useful things. Your child will become an erudite and will be grateful to you for your help.
    3. Strengthening of family relations. It is much better to gather with a friendly group of people and to guess riddles than to spend free time being glued to the screen of your computer. Guessing riddles together you will love each other more.
    4. Possibility for competition. For getting more excitement you can compete with each other . For example who got more coins is to do the washing up. In this case your nearest and dearest will get excitement and will guess puzzles with much more effort.
    5. With Online Blitz Multiplayer mode.
    If nobody knows the right answer you can use prompts given in the game. But they are not for free you have to pay certain number of coins. You can ask for the right answer at once or just to show the right letter or delete unnecessary letters. With the help of prompts you will guess the word and will go on to the next question. On opening the application you may think that the riddles are simple and boring! Though it is not so do not hurry to close the application. The riddles will become more and more difficult gradually. After you have tried our application you will probably write your comments and wishes. We will read all your suggestions with great pleasure and will try to correct all the mistakes and to improve the application if it is necessary.

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