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    Be A Work At Home Mom: Ideas & Advice From A Woman Like You 18 Years Ago

    It is my pleasure to present this app to you. It has been given from the heart in hopes that you find a better way of raising your family by working from home.

    The content within does not intend to hold the right answer for your situation or abilities, but to assist you on the journey of discovering whether working from home might be economically viable for you while alerting you to a handful of the amazing possibilities.

    Some of the work I've done from home are: transcription, web page design, online course creator, desktop publisher, report writer, researcher, blogger, and (published) author.

    I also painted custom home décor and roadside signs; raised Great Danes; hunted for, refinished and sold antiques on eBay. Those are the things I did for money, there were other things I did to save money. Saving money will be as important to your success as a work at home mom as what you do to earn that money.

    Just one thing before you start into the app...As long as you have the desire, there is work online for anyone. Even if you aren't particularly skilled yet, even if you don't have much confidence in your abilities, even if you haven't decided what you want to work at...there is work for you.

    Look at the image on the next page (inside the app). Every word or grouping of words represents currently available freelance job opportunities. These are called 'tags'. Tags are assigned to jobs that need to be performed. The larger size tags hold more jobs. There are so many tags that I couldn't even fit them on the page below.

    Some of these aren't for every mom as they require certain skills such as programming in HTML or C++. However, many of them are within everyone's ability without much of a stretch.

    - You can make money following a bunch of links supplied by a business manager and leaving short comments on other people's websites.

    - You can earn money by clicking a button on those links (a Facebook LIKE button for instance).

    - You can earn even more by rewriting articles that a manager supplies to you – you just rework the article into your own words.

    - Post ads on Craigslist.

    - Play a game and report back on the experience or bugs.

    - Create social networking profiles.

    - Watch YouTube videos.

    ...and many more variations of assignments!

    These are all tasks you can do from your laptop, at the dining room table, while your child colors beside you.

    The work is legitimate, the money is collected and paid to you by a third party (so you have almost no chance of being cheated out of your set amount) and the pay is great for many of the assignments.

    I'll show you (inside) one of my personal secrets. You won't find many online marketers talking about it because this is where successful online business owners post real work at great rates.

    Whenever I need a little extra cash and I haven't decided what to write about next, I still reference that website for work.

    Read the rest of this introduction plus many more tips on staying home while making money from within the free Work At Home Mom app.

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