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    Chinese kung-fu has thunderous of years history in the word and although few people in china still have this ability but almost the whole word are interested in it. Because it is really mysterious and magic in some degree. It can use the least power spent to achieve the best goal (beat others down). Chinese kong-fu was know to western word is the success of a Chinese kongfu star named Bruce Lee. He is a legend people both in china and western word. It is him take kungfu to whole word and leave taekwondo and other competitive way far behind! Do you what to become a person like Bruce Lee and experience the great of playing kongfu. Now your dream will come true for a new game.
    Wushu Fighting Stunt is this kind of games. We offer you almost all KungFu style in it. No amtter the kungfu related to power or related to accurate and speed. Over 35 styles shown in this free application. Every style has a suit icon picture, so you can know what the kungfu related with and if you what to know more about it.
    We classify all KungFu into three types: Powerful Force, Speed Fist and Acuurate Hit. Let's know them one by one!
    1. Powerful Force
    All Kung Fu in this page need skill of using power. It related to muscle!
    It includes tens of styles including Iron Plam, Melt Bone Palm, One powerful Finger...
    Play way:
    - Hold your mobile phone as a weapon.
    - Wave it in any direction to make it get the maximum acceleration.
    - Press the reducing volume key quickly as soon as you get the maximum acceleration.
    - The bigger the acceleration is, the higher the score is!

    2. Speed Fist
    KungFu stunt in this page need a high speed in moving and hitting.
    - Change directions in the high-speed motion.
    - Press the reducing volume key to start time.
    - Wave your mobile phone constantly.
    - The acceleration depends on you.
    In a period of time, the more times you wave, the higher score you'll get.

    3. Hit Accurate
    Use hidden weapon to achieve a surprise attack.
    When the weapon is thrown out, its speed direction must be parallel to its longitudinal axis, and the speed in the other direction must be very small.
    Press the reducing volume key quickly as soon as your mobile phone reaches the maximum acceleration.

    1. Record the highest score automatically. When you make a score higher than before, the app will refresh the itself.
    2. Show you a tutorial. If you what to know how to play this gem, tutorial button can show you all steps in detail.
    3. If you what to know more about the KungFu style, instruction will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the skill and it even can tell you the development of the skill.
    4. Back and exit button on button can help you back to former page or exit the game directly!
    5. Please do not forget offer me five stars to encourage me. Supply button can take you to Google Play page.

    Wushu Fighting Stunt is a totally free game for all of you. By playing this game, you can get rid of bad mood and relax yourself! During playing, you can also know the culture of China fighting skill! Having see so may KungFu film, now you can become the protagonist!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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