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    This Yi Jing app allows you to enter the results of the traditional six throws of three coins. Throw your coins and enter the results from bottom to top. Press the Result button for the hexagram(s) generated by the coins. The Result button is disabled until all throws are entered. The Result button takes you to a WebView with the hexagram(s). Returning from the WebView resets the app for the next casting of the coins.

    When you press the Result Button, the app provides the following on a web page:

    An image of the hexagram determined by the coins.

    The hexagram's traditional name in Simplified characters.

    The hexagram's judgment, its traditional core meaning.

    An explanation of the hexagram's name.

    Images of both of the hexagram's trigrams.

    The symbols related to each trigram.

    Should your result include moving lines, a second set of results will be generated for the second hexagram. After each hexagram, there will be a description of each of the moving lines within each of the two hexagrams.

    It has a Memo which is a little notepad provided for your convenience. The checkmark saves the memo. The X exits without saving.

    NOTE: THIS APP IS NOT AN EBOOK. It is a tool providing the results of the coins.

    App data is based on the public domain Legge translation of the Yi Jing (also known as the I Ching or Book of Changes).