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    [The Yokohama City Garbage Separation Application] is an application developed for residents of Yokohama that enables garbage collection information to be checked.
    “I don’t know how to separate the garbage!”
    “I don’t know how to put out the garbage!”
    If you experience times like this, then the Yokohama City Garbage Separation Application is for you.
    Simply enter the name of the item that you are having trouble separating to check the separation method and the way to put it out, and to retrieve useful information on garbage separation and recycling.
    You can also register collection dates on the calendar to make sure you never forget to put your garbage out.

    Main Application Functions
    - Mio and Io’s Garbage Separation Dictionary
    A garbage separation dictionary providing details on separation simply by entering the item of garbage in question.
    The data is referenced from the MIctionary web service provided by Yokohama City to guarantee that all information is up to date.
    * A network connection is required to use the garbage separation dictionary.

    - Separating and putting out household garbage
    Explains the items and points of putting them out for each item of garbage to be separated.

    - Fountain of wisdom for garbage separation and recycling
    Provides useful information on garbage separation and recycling.

    - Collection days for your area
    Collection days for each item of separated garbage can be set and reflected back on the calendar to which the terminal is synchronized.You can also register the collection days from your residential area.A function which reminds you of the collection days is also available.

    * There are certain settings that will not be reflected back onto the calendar.

    Editorial Supervision: City of Yokohama Resources And Waste Recycling Bureau
    Program: HaL Engineering Inc.
    Design: SNAP Corporation

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