Zip Line Lock Screen




    The icons can make a zip line in this app. put the icon to the basket to unlock screen and open it.

    How to unlock screen though Zip Line Lock Screen?
    You can unlock screen though this app in 3 ways:
    1. Slide from the left to right to unlock screen. You also can input the Phone icon or SMS icon to unlock to the calling interface or the message box.
    2. Input the Phone or SMS icon and click the icon to unlock to the certain program.
    3. Long press the green light in the bottom right corner to unlock screen if you turned on the function of Emergency Release in Setting.

    Introduction of Zip Line Lock Screen
    Input the Phone icon to unlock screen and open the calling interface of your cell phone.
    The using method is similar to Phone icon in the locked screen, it is used to unlock screen to message box.
    Wifi and Bluetooth
    Let the icon to sit in the zip line basket and slide to right side to connect or disconnect.

    Common setting
    You can turn on this app and the vibration effect in this part. Click the switch to turn on and off.
    Advanced setting
    Here is the place to select whether to turn on sound effect and Emergency Release. The status light is green when you turn on the Emergency Release, and it says Insurance on in the locked screen. Actually, it is used to fast unlock screen, you can long press the green light to unlock screen quickly
    Click this section to read the brief introduction of Zip Line Lock Screen.

    Zip Line
    It is also known as zip wire, aerial runway and death slide and so on. It usually consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, it is made of stainless steel, mounted on an incline.
    Zip line comes in many forms, most often used as a way of entertainment. Wish you have fun with Zip Line Lock Screen.

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