Zizilio was made after I read Style's The Game. When I saw a pretty girl, I'd forget all of my openers and what to say. I wanted a quick way to remember 2 or 3 of my favorite openers and since I always have my phone on me, a phone app seemed like a good idea. But the app goes farther than that, is designed to help you learn and share dating techniques and socializing skills. The app is mainly divided into 4 areas of meeting people (openers), lowering their guard (negs), showing values (sketches), and making a connection (closers) and focuses on the community aspect of sharing ideas with each other.

    The idea basic of attraction is you must find, meet, attract, and close. Finding someone is up to you whether it be at the grocery store or at a bar. Meeting them is where you\'ll use an opener to talk to this person for the first time. Attracting consists of a combination of things, but negs and sketches can be a part of this. And "close" is obviously your closers.

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