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    The ABlackBox app records everything what happens in front of your car - accidents and bad driving!

    Black Boxes are a necessity of these days.

    The ABlackBox application is designed for your safety driving. It turns your mobile phone into dashcam. If you once setup the application, you do not have to operate it any more. Just start the ABlackBox when you enter your car.
    The ABlackBox application will record everything what happened in front of your car - accidents, bad driving and if someone collides with your vehicle, you have the evidence to protect yourself. All you have to do, in such situation, is press red emergency button. At least, the last 30 seconds (configurable) will be stored for your evidence.
    The ABlackBox can measure the average speed as well. This is very usefull in case of distance radar. Just press the yellow button. The average speed displays in blue color. Press the yellow button once more at the end of the measured section – the current speed displays again.

    Enjoy it and have a safe journey!

    Key features
    - Records video with additional location data
    - Recycle recordings (marked files with incidents are not automatically overwritten)
    - Auto separate video to several segments while recording
    - Day mode (video display) and Night mode (black screen with time and distance display)
    - Video detail info, such as date and time, length and location
    - Integrated recording manager - watch or delete the video in the app
    - Play/Pause/Fast forward/Fast Backward functions
    - Customized maximum recording capacity for record cycle
    - Customized video resolution and camera selection (back/front)
    - Recording segment is adjustable, such as 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes time
    - Display speed in km/h or mph
    - HD video recording (depends on HW capability)
    - Multiple language selection: English, German, Spanish, Czech
    - Accident video file lock
    - Support Landscape or Portrait mode
    - Average speed display for distance radars

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