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    Youdrive keeps track of your driving style and give you tips for a safe and ECO driving

    • Great app concept
    • Multi-parameters score building
    • User-friendly interface
    • Runs smoothly
    • Both app and web version
    • Depends on device's GPS accuracy

    "Make your driving more efficient"

    Smartphones and tablets are helping us being more efficient in very different fields. Since driving is one of the most recurrent daily activity, it cannot be an exception. Youdrive is one of those apps focused on helping us achieve a better driving style regarding safety and ecological impact. Let's zoom in!

    Youdrive uses GPS, wireless network and sensor aiding to keep track of your driving style and translates it in a numerical index called "Youdrive score". It takes some interesting parameters to build that score: smooth driving, harsh accelerations, harsh brake and over speed. The higher your score, the more your guide is safe and environmentally friendly and, of course, the greater your chances to win prizes for the best drivers. It builds stats and charts to show how your driving style is evolving through the time. You can check it both on the mobile version and the website.

    One of the strongest point of the app is the gamification: you can now challenge friends to beat your score which, besides the game, it's also a social benefit. Signing up is required to use the app. However, you can use Facebook Connect which will make easier finding and challenging your friend to drive better than you do.

    The app is set in an user-friendly interface and runs smoothly. The voice assistant enhances the experience and makes safer using the app while driving. The main catch is shared with other apps of this kind: GPS accuracy. Although that gets better on high-end mobile devices, there's got a long row to hoe. This makes more difficult keeping track of such detailed parameters like harsh accelerations or harsh break. Besides, the app is fully functional and recommended for dedicated drivers.

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    Apr 23, 2013


    Keep track of your driving style. Apply the tips for a safer and ecological driving.
    Measure and share your progress with your friends.
    The application is graphically compatible with all phones with resolution 480 x 320 or higher.

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