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    Get the compensations you are entitled to!

    This application has been developed to assist the many passengers who (frequently?) arrive too late with their Belgian railway connection. It’s useful both for passengers suffering from an occasional delay and passengers who commute daily by train and suffer from recurring delays.

    The Belgian railway company B-rail/NMBS/SNCB provides the possibility to all passengers to fill in a form to be compensated for the delays. It is, however, a time consuming matter to keep track of the number of delays that have occured. This app does that for you!
    From now on it is possible to enter every delay you meet while still on the train, this app will save it, keep track of past delays, warn you when you can send a compensation form, and effectively send the form to B-Rail for you whenever possible!

    For more details, download the app, check the 'Help' menu and have a go with it! It’s free of charge!
    (Please note this app is in no way related to B-Rail or any related companies or organizations)


    The use of this app can be divided in two main issues. The first one being the use with a subscription, being on one fixed trajectory, or for the the complete Belgian rail network. The second one is the use of any other kind of tickets. In addition one must realize there is a difference between delays of more than 1 hour and delays of 15-60 minutes.

    Subscribers :
    - 15-60 minutes : The data of the delays will be saved to a database on the smartphone, whenever the conditions(*) for reimbursement are satisfied the app will notify the user and automatically send the form to the NMBS.
    - More than 60 minutes : An automatically filled in form will be sent to the NMBS right away.

    Other tickets :
    - 15-60 minutes : The data will also be saved to a (different) database on the smartphone. When the conditions(*) for reimbursement are satisfied the necessary form will be filled in and sent to the users e-mail, so he can use print it and hand it in at a random NMBS cashier with the related ticket(s).
    - More than 60 minutes : The relevant form will be filled it immediately and sent to the user, so the user can print it and hand it in together with the related ticket.

    (*) More than 10 delays of 30+ minutes or 20 delays of 15+ minutes. When either condition is satisfied ALL delays will be handled by the relevant form.

    (First Public Beta => rate and let us know what you'd like to see in future versions)

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