BMW 1080p Wallpaper Premium HD

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    BMW 1080p Wallpaper Premium HD

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    BMW 1080p Live Wallpaper contains over 50 images in full hi-def.

    This 1080p live wallpaper (1920x1080 at 720dpi) is built to showcase the Ultimate Driving Machine, from the perennial 3-series to the capable X-series. Celebrating the style as well as the power of the BMW, the app includes concept M8s, hulking M5s, electric i3s and the luxo-barge 7-series. There's even room for a few historic Alpinas and Isettas!

    The app is built for vertical viewing: we prefer horizontal of course, but 90% of people still use vertical aspect on phones, so we've tried to make it as phone-friendly as possible.

    In showrooms, on the road, or on the track, the BMW carries an authority and sense of purpose that few other cars come close to matching.

    This live wallpaper app cannot come close to covering the full range... which is why it's open to you!

    If you have a shot of your own BMW - a great shot, at least 4MP in size - then send it along to us at and we may be able to add it to our feed. We operate on a private feed so we don't need to update the app, just the photos.

    If you love BMW cars and trucks, we feel sure you'll find something in here that you'll enjoy. If so, please leave us 5* - it always helps...

    Please note: although there is a 'settings' button on this app, it was used for you to select your resolution. The app now defaults to your phone or tablet's resolution automatically, so the settings page is blank.

    Copyright-holders. We strive to be a legitimate organization. We use Google as our search engine, and we search all images under the following parameters: Advanced Search, Usage Rights, Free To Use Or Share Even Commercially.

    We figure that is the best way to protect copyright holders.

    However, we understand that mistakes can be made. In particular, someone may be redistributing a copyrighted work without the holder’s knowledge, and labeling it as free to use.

    However, if you find an image in one of our apps that you have a claim to or which you object to, PLEASE, get in touch and we will remove it immediately. The App Monkey is a copyright holder many times over and does not condone, or knowingly engage in, illegal usage of images.

    Our commitment here is very serious – it’s one of the reasons we build all of our apps using feeds rather than built-in images. We can be very responsive, very quickly. Even though we are in Sweden we're genuinely committed to copyright holders' rights, so please let us know if we are treading on private property!

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