CFI Tools Weight and Balance

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    CFI Tools Weight and Balance

    PURPOSE: The Weight & Balance App is used to save weight & balance information for an unlimited number of airplanes in a simple format for easy reference.

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    This App is no longer available as a stand-alone App

    It has been moved to the General Aviation App.

    Find it here:

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    When you fly many airplanes it can be difficult to keep track of the weight & balance for each one. But of course it is critical to perform these calculations before each flight and to verify the results.

    Android is a terrific platform for keeping this information.

    This App makes it simple to maintain this information for a fleet of training airplanes or even for a single airplane.

    Check out the screenshots to see how simple this process can be.

    The W&B data is fully customizable. You can enter the specific data for your airplane. There is no limit on the number of stations.

    Various manufacturers use different methods to calculate the CG and this App supports a number of methods. The CG can be plotted in inches, or in total moment.

    The CG is plotted with both full and empty fuel so you can see the range of CG's that may be experienced during the flight.

    Also shown is the "Excess Capacity" - the difference between current weight and Max Gross. This is a number I often need to know if a student wants to bring a passenger along for the flight.

    The Moment Arms and the Envelope are fully updatable and can be customized to fit your airplane's numbers.

    CAUTION! Please consult your Pilot's Operating Handbook or Approved Flight Manual for complete Weight & Balance Information

    DO NOT! rely on the generic W&B information provided here.

    About CFI Tools

    I'm a Pilot and a CFII. I build these Apps and other software for my own use.

    Some other pilots saw them and said "Hey you should sell those".

    So here they are for sale. I hope you enjoy them. Any suggestions for improvement or new apps are always welcomed. Have a good flight.

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