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    The map, the whole map, and nothing but the map - CommuterMap New York is a quick, easy way to view key MTA New York transit maps that works offline and loads quickly.

    View and switch between the New York Subway Map, the Long Island Railroad Map, the Metro-North Rail Road Map and the Staten Island Railway Map provided by MTA.


    - Displays several maps downloaded directly from MBTA's website.
    - Stores it locally so you can see it offline, and on your SD card if you prefer.
    - Quite small.
    - Useful for showing tourists where they need to go.


    - android.permission.INTERNET - Used to download the map from MTA's website.
    - android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Used to write the map to your external storage, e.g. SD card

    Questions and Answers

    Q) Great! Can I have other maps too?
    A) At the moment, no, mainly for technical reasons. Unfortunately MTA only provide these maps in an Android-compatible image format on their website. It would be easy enough for us to convert all the maps to images and host them ourselves but we reckon MTA might get annoyed, so until we figure out how to do all the relevant conversion on the device we're kinda stuck with just the one map.

    Q) Why is it called CommuterMap? That's a horribly contrived name.
    A) Well all the obvious names were taken, so nya. We also wanted to tie it a little to our forthcoming Commuter app which will hopefully revolutionise how, well, commuters use apps.

    Q) SiCoDe is also a stupid name
    A) So is Google, really.

    Q) What is the icon supposed to be?
    A) A map. You can kind of make out the squiggles. Okay, so art isn't our strong point, but rest assured we're ninja coders. Honest.

    Q) I have a problem, who do I contact?
    A) Get in touch with us via email and we'll do our best to help. Please include your Android version, your phone model and whether or not you can tie your own shoelaces as we find this information helpful in resolving problems.

    Q) Can I have it in my language if I send you a translation?
    A) All the menus and stuff - sure, if you tell us what the words should be. Drop us an email and we'll send you one back with all the text that needs translating - it's a small app so there's not much.
    The map? Unfortunately no - it seems MTA only speak English. Still it will help you match up the station names if you're lost.


    This application is the copyright of SiCoDe Software. All rights reserved.

    The maps in this program are the copyright of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). This application downloads and saves the map on your device like any web browsing software would directly from MTA's official website. The map is not stored on nor transferred to any device owned by SiCoDe Software.

    This program is distributed without any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. In particular it may stop working if MTA changes the URLs or otherwise block the use of their online maps.

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