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    EasyFuel can help you with keeping your car expenses under control! It's easy way to track how much your vehicles cost you. Just refuel your vehicle, save odometer's value in EasyFuel. When you refuel next time just add fill-up providing new odometer value, price of bought fuel and how much fuel you bought. EasyFuel will do the rest for you.

    Some of the features that are currently available

    * Manage multiple vehicles
    * Track fuel consumption and expenses of all defined vehicles
    * Find when fuel consumption was the best and when it was the worst
    * Review current vehicle stats such as mileage, average fuel consumption, recent expenses
    * Include car repairs and other expenses than fuel in list of your costs
    * See how much your vehicle really costs you - not just fuel but all costs are included in reports
    * Define distance units you use (miles, kilometres, hours)
    * Define volume units you want to use (liters, galons, CNG, kWh)
    * Define what units to use per vehicle (some vehicles can use galons per mile, other litres per kilometer)
    * Restore your data from any day if you break something


    NETWORK COMMUNICATION - EasyFuel displays ads in two activities. We don't send or gather any data for our use without user's knowledge.

    STORAGE - EasyFuel performs data backup every day. This data is saved to device's SD card.

    POSITIONING - this is used only for purpose of displaying ads in this version. No data obtained here is used by us for any other purpose

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