Tired of losing the notes you scratched out on your kneeboard? Want to know the all frequencys you set up in your flight plan? This flight log app makes it easy.

    This aviation app should make note taking in the cockpit a breeze.

    Make it easy to track Altitudes,Headings, ATC clearances, Squawk codes, routes, radials,fixes, frequencys. With practice it should be easy to copy departure clearances.

    Optimum use would be on a 7" tablet (perfect size for a kneeboard) but works ok on other screen sizes.

    This app can also be used to enter flight plan information for easy recall during flight. Dedicated keyboard and number pad make it easy to to quick entry without having to switch keyboard modes. You can also invoke your default device keyboard with 1 click. Long Clicks on most keys create shortand notes.

    Exports and loads .csv files so it is easy to create logs and import them as well as export your logs. Logs can be selected/sorted by long clicking on category keys and column headings.

    Maintains time stamped log of ATC clearances or other important flight data. Simple timer included.

    Imported data should be in .csv format, no quotes around text. Column 1 is Integer Sequenct number, Column 2 is Catatogy type, limit to 4 characters, 3 is note, limit to 88 characters, 4 is time, set to any number as it will be overwritten in the import.

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